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Welcome to Ikasten, the new online Euskera course available for any adult who is interested in language learning.

Ikasten is a new teaching resource to learn Euskera that embraces the rest of iniciatives available on www.hiru.eus, under the Lifelong Learning Management of the Education Department of the Basque Government.

The working atmosphere, is pleasant and informal and it's aimed both at those who want to use it as a supplement to online or classroom courses, and at those who want to use it as a basis for language learning.

Ikasten features 60 lesson plans arranged into sections, with plenty of activities to help you work from a beginner to an advanced level. Additionally, there are over 12 lesson plans that allow enable you to review and consolidate the acquired knowledges. The content includes audio and video files, fill in the gaps exercises, multiple choice, linking and ordering exercises...

The introduction unit of the course displays guidance on, how to use the programme. Therefore, we recommend you spend a little time to make the learning process easy and effective. From there, you will be able to determine your level and start the unit that suits you best. So you will get the most out of Ikasten. Now, to begin the Basque language course, you need to create a hiru.eus user account first.

Go to the main page and click on the icon Crear cuenta/ Sortu kontua to the right side of the website, below Acceso/ Sarrera. Fill in the form with your Name, Second Name (optional), Surname, Nickname, Email account, date of birth, gender and verification text. Then, click on GUARDAR and you will get an email on your account with your password.

Once you have your hiru.eus username and password, please log in. Go to Formazioa and then to Ikasten. Euskera Kurtsoak Online. This is the direct link: Please click on the icon “Inicia el curso/Kurtsoa hasi”.

You will have to fill in a short form with your personal data: NAN or DNI (It's the abbreviation for the spanish ID. As you might not have one, just enter the numbers following this example: 12345678D), Address, Post code, Town, Telephone number, Nationality, Studies level. Basque Level and Work situation.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us on info@hiru.eus!!!